The sun has set on Push Science

2010 to 2015

We started Push Science with a feeling of adventure and a strong belief that mobile technology would transform the way we shop and interact with services providers.

We worked tirelessly creating the Service Provider Industry's most advanced Omnichannel Customer Experience Management Application and one of the Retail Industry's first Mobile Commerce Platforms. Our innovation also lead to a provisional patent for Real-time Screen Sharing across mobile and desktop devices. However, while the feedback we received was positive, we didn’t achieve a sufficient level of commercial traction to continue our efforts.

In February 2015, we announced we would be winding down our operations at Push Science to transition to the next big adventure. Shutting down was a tough decision to make for all of us. However, we are very excited about the future and creating new opportunities using everything we have learned. We still believe technology and startups have the power to transform the future, and we are grateful to be in the unique position to put this experience to good use.


Artin Youssefian & Ray Tabbara
Co-Founders of Push Science